About Us


Cross-border learning can help overcome language and cultural barriers that hinder personal and societal development.


Promoting educational exchange and cooperation among U.S. and Chinese students, educators and institutions.


US-China Century Education Group Corp (USCCE) was established in 2009, in New Jersey, jointly by Sunels International Inc. and GMAC Real Estate IPG, to promote educational exchange and cooperation between the US and China. USCCE is headquartered in Totowa, New Jersey, with three branch offices in Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen in China. We effectively collaborate with Chinese K-12 schools, colleges, universities, businesses and government agencies to bring students, teachers and educational officials to the US to participate in short-term learning/training programs, themed winter/summer camps, international education seminars and other innovative educational exchange programs. We also assist Chinese students to study U.S. schools, help U.S. students to visit China and enable U.S. teachers to teach in China.

Sunels International Inc. is a business consulting firm incorporated in May, 2002 in New Jersey, USA. It specializes in bridging Chinese and U.S. businesses and governments to engage in tangible cooperation. By providing a comprehensive package of services, such as market research, data analysis, public relations and project development, it advises and assists its U.S. and Chinese clients in establishing or expanding their business presence in either country. Over the past decade, It has organized hundreds of high-level Chinese governmental official, business, educational and cultural delegations to visit the US and to meet with their U.S. counterparts for specific relationship building purposes. It also organizes American business delegations to visit China to meet with targeted parties or to attend trade shows, expos and conferences in China.

GMAC Real Estate IPG is authorized by the China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (www.safea.gov.cn/english/) to be its designated training service provider in the U.S. (Registration No. 270007) to organize and provide short-term study tours and trainings in the U.S. for visiting Chinese officials and business executives. GMAC has a large expert team consisting of U.S. university professors, business professionals and government officials, who can provide the most up-to-date information and presentation on a wide range of subjects such as: urban planning, renewable energy development, public transportation systems, industrial zone development, financial management, housing policy and U.S. taxation. GMAC also recruits experts from various U.S. industrial sectors for Chinese clients to provide short or long-term consulting services in China.